Classic Car


Using pressure washer, pre-rinse vehicle to remove all loose road grime. This is the first of many steps to remove any particles that may scratch the paint during the detailing process.


Inspect vehicle for tar, tree sap, bird droppings, bugs or anything that may require special attention to remove. Apply Bug Slide to the areas and remove all foreign particles.


Apply thick layer of snow foam with foam cannon to entire vehicle. Allow to dwell for several minutes to dissolve dirt and grime. Rinse thouroughly ensuring all snow foam is removed from all cracks and crevices.


Apply Super Clean solution to each wheel. Using a wheel detailing brush, agitate the wheel cleaner on the face of tire, hubcap and tire well. Use wheel woolie to clean the inside barrel of the wheel. Rinse the wheels thoroughly ensuring all wheel cleaner is removed.


Apply all-purpose cleaner to door jambs, badges, and fuel fill area. Agitate the cleaning solution with a soft bristle detailing brush. Rinse the areas ensuring all cleaning agens have been removed. Dry with microfiber towel.


Add water to first wash bucket with grit filter in the bottom. Add car shampoo to second bucket with water and grit filter. Using microfiber mitt, dip into second bucket and begin washing from top to bottom. After each panel, rinse mitt in clean water bucket before dipping it in the second bucket. Rinse vehicle thoroughly to remove all of the shampoo.


Hand dry vehicle thoroughly with microfiber towels.


Once the vehicle is dry, apply Fallout remover to vehicle paintwork and wheels. Let dwell for several minutes to penetrate debris. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly to remove all Fallout residue. Apply a liberal amount of clay bar lubricant and begin to clay in a side-to-side motion, in small sections at a time. Remove clay lubricant with microfiber towel after each panel.


Apply Polish by machine one panel at a time. Use Clean, Dry microfiber towel to hand remove any polish residue.


Place a small amount of sealant on applicator and apply sparingly to panel. Allow the product to cure for about 15 minutes.Using a clean microfiber towel, buff the panel to remove the hazed product. 


Apply cleaner directly to the glass and buff using a clean, dedicated glass cloth. Use side to side strokes on interior and up and down strokes on exterior.


Apply several dots of wax to applicator pad. Machine apply in circular, continuous motions. Evenly apply one panel at a time. Let the wax cure until it is no longer tacky. Buff the hazy residue by hand with a clean microfiber towel.


Apply a small amount of restore trim dressing to the applicator and spread evenly on all trim. Allow dressing to flash, then buff using a clean microfiber towel.


Apply tire dressing to an applicator and evenly distribute across the tire sidewall. If need, buff to remove excess dressing.


Apply UV protectant/finishing liquid evenly  to paint surface, one panel at a time, using a clean microfiber towel. Buff to a high shine finish using a separate, clean microfiber cloth.

recheck entire car for any remaining touch-ups. Admire the beautiful vehicle.

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